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  1. Toll-Taker, Toll-Taker (10-minute musical)

            Music by Joshua H. Cohen

            Lyrics by Joan Ross Sorkin and Joshua H. Cohen

            Book by Joan Ross Sorkin


            Two toll-takers find love on the Henry Hudson Bridge.

  1. The Real McCoy

            Music and Lyrics by David Loud

            Book by Gene P. Bissell and Joan Ross Sorkin

            The feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys is the setting for a down-home musical “Romeo and

            Juliet” romance, though this time with a happy ending.

  1. Isabelle and The Pretty-Ugly Spell (family musical)

            Music and Lyrics by Steven Fisher

            Book by Joan Ross Sorkin and Steven Fisher


            This original family musical tells the story of Isabelle, a lovable, though scatterbrained fairy

            godmother who goofs while casting a spell to help a princess find true love and now has

            only three days to make things right. 


                  For full description, photos and music links

            see special Isabelle and The Pretty-Ugly Spell featured works page

  1. In The Theatre (full-length musical)

            Book by Joan Ross Sorkin

            Music and Lyrics by Steven Fisher

            The musical is based on the fascinating life of Joan Littlewood, the brash, anti-establishment British

            director who changed the course of twentieth-century theatre with her creation of  the experimental

            Theatre Workshop.           

            For full description and music links

            see special In The Theatre featured works page


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  1. Dandelion

            Book and Lyrics by Joan Ross Sorkin

            Music by Mary Liz McNamara

            Adapted from the children’s book by Don Freeman

            A shy, awkward lion is is faced with middle school angst when he is invited to Jennifer Giraffe’s

            impromptu party and decides he needs to re-invent himself, but ultimately discovers it’s better

            just to be yourself. 


            The main theme of Dandelion is be “yourself,” but the show also has an anti-bullying message and a       

            message about the importance about the the importance of not discriminating against one group because

            of the misbehavior of one member (a gentle way of describing racial profiling).


            This family musical is written for children ages 10 and under, their families, and the child in all of us!


  1. Go Green! Prince Charming’s Quest for Love and Ecology in NYC (family musical)

            Music by Mary Feinsinger

            Book and Lyrics by Joan Ross Sorkin


            Go Green! is a musical fairy tale about a modern-day Prince Charming who must choose between his    

            passion for saving the earth or completing his birthday quest to preserve true love forevermore.

            see special Go Green! featured works page


  1. Black Swan Blues

            Music by Randy Klein

            Book and Lyrics by Joan Ross Sorkin



  1. Monet

            Music and Lyrics by Carmel Owen

            Book by Joan Ross Sorkin


            Monet is inspired by the life of Claude Monet, and tells the story of Monet and his fellow Impressionists    

            Degas and Renoir at the beginning of their careers when they were challenging the Paris establishment

            with their new kind of art.  Think revolution, romance, and one painting that changed everything...

            see special Monet featured works page


Black Swan Blues, inspired by the ballet “Swan Lake,” is a new musical that explores racism in America when the winds of change were beginning to sweep through the South in the early 1960’s.  Set in the magical world of voodoo in New Orleans, an idealistic journalist and a vulnerable blues singer’s love is challenged when secrets from a tangled past involving race, murder and the Ku Klux Klan are revealed. The blues-infused score is both timeless and contemporary.