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  1. The Reef (full-length opera, in development):

            Libretto by Joan Ross Sorkin

            Adapted from the novel by Edith Wharton

    Set on the island of Martinique in 1911, The Reef tells the story of an American woman living on the

    plantation of her deceased husband, who becomes trapped in a “menage à quatre.” She falls in love with

    an American diplomat whom she knew in New York, but her daughter’s nursemaid is also in love with

    him, and her stepson is in love with the nursemaid.


  1. Strange Fruit (full-length opera)

            Music by Chandler Carter           

            Libretto by Joan Ross Sorkin

            Adapted from the novel by Lillian Smith, the opera tells the story of a secret interracial

            love affair in Georgia, 1920.

            For full description, photos  and music

            see special Strange Fruit featured works page

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  1. White Witch (A Monodrama in One Act):

            Music by Brian Schober

            Libretto by Joan Ross Sorkin

    White Witch is a new American opera, scored for one voice and one percussionist.  It is a tale of vodoo,

    murder, and revenge, but above all, hubris that ultimately receives its just reward.  The opera is based

    on the 19th century Jamaican legend of Annie Palmer, a white English woman notoriously known as

    “The White Witch of Rose Hall.”