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  1. Therapy, New York-Style (one-act/comedy)

            Two strangers have a wacky encounter in the waiting room of a New York City

            psychiatrist’s office.

  1. Chasing Tigers (one-act/drama)

            An American woman brings her British husband on a tiger safari in India to force him to confront the

            bitter facts of their own family life in hopes of repairing their marriage.

  1. L-O-V-E (one-act/drama)

            A staid English teacher’s life takes an unexpected turn when asked to teach a sex

            education class at a British grammar school.

  1. No Small Miracle (short drama)

            Sparks fly when a street-wise Bronx teen, who has signed on to be a “little

            brother” in the Big Brother/Big Sister program, learns that his big brother’s motives

            may be less then altruistic.

  1. Jewish Time (collection of one-acts)

            Five one-acts that explore the Jewish experience with themes ranging from the

            Holocaust, inter-marriage and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Plays can be mounted

            together for a complete evening of theatre or individually in an evening of one-acts.

  1. Glimmer of Hope (short drama)

            An offer by a desperate woman in mid-life to give her unborn child to her brother, 

            a world–class cellist, wreaks havoc on his relationship with his gay partner, a

            Minimalist painter.

  1. The Survival Collection (collection of one-acts)

            Ten one-act plays in which ordinary people take extraordinary risks to survive in their

            own environment. The plays comprise an evening of theatre, mounted with an ensemble

            of actors or individually in an evening of one-acts.

  1. The Sacrifice (full-length)

    The Sacrifice explores man's priorities in matters of love, family, friendship, and faith  

    through a contemporary retelling of the biblical tale, “The Binding of Isaac.”

  1. Hiccup and a Wink (full-length)

          Hiccup and a Wink, set in Chattanooga, TN in the summer of 1984, gives new meaning to the phrase

            “dysfunctional relationship” when an abused teenage girl, seeking her birth mother, descends on a

            trailer trash couple whose lives are already a living hell.

  1. Hamlet in Bensonhurst (full-length)

            Hamlet in Bensonhurst is a “re-imagining” of Shakespeare’s Hamlet set in a

            Jewish family in Brooklyn, 1969.


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  1. (mis)UNDERSTANDING MAMMY: The Hattie McDaniel Story (full-length)

            This  one-woman play with music explores Hattie McDaniel’s controversial life and her attempt

            to vindicate herself in the face of the unrelenting Hollywood campaign against Mammyism led by

            Walter White of the NAACP.           

            For full description, photos and production history

            see special (mis)UNDERSTANDING MAMMY: The Hattie McDaniel Story featured works page

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  1. DIRTY LITTLE SECRET: The Secret Life of Loretta Young (full-length)

            Dirty Little Secret is based on the secret life of Loretta Young. Set on her famous television show, the

            play exposes the hypocrisy of Loretta’s life by revealing a shocking and heart-breaking story in which

            her adopted daughter Judy Lewis was used as a pawn to maintain the veneer of two towering

            Hollywood icons.