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My job as a playwright is to entertain, educate and emotionally challenge the audience. Each work is a call to action, whether it be to storm the barricades, seek acceptance, or merely to love.

latest news

On July 1, 2020 I finished writing This Is Serious, a new two-part, four- character COVID-19 play, adaptable for a digital platform in the new world of Zoom. The play explores the stress on family relationships in a time of crisis. Set in New Rochelle, NY, the play revolves around the Granville family (mother, father, college-age son and his Latinx girlfriend), first in early March when New Rochelle is the epicenter of the pandemic, and two and a half months later at the end of  May when the Black Lives Matter protests erupt after the killing of George Floyd. Life and death hangs in the balance. Part I (Between A Rock and A Hard Place) and Part II (Double Whammy) can be presented individually or together.