By Joan Ross Sorkin




Hiccup and a Wink, set in Chattanooga, TN in the summer of 1984, gives new meaning to the phrase “dysfunctional relationship” when an abused teenage girl, seeking her birth mother, descends on a trailer trash couple whose lives are already a living hell. The play explores co-dependency between a glue-sniffing, over-the-hill manicurist and her alcoholic, PTS-afflicted Vietnam-vet husband  and how they deal with this unexpected intrusion.


The play also serves as a vehicle to examine adoption, domestic violence, child abuse and the ever-present “elephant in the room” -- paternity. Because the characters are complex and none totally virtuous, truth-telling (or lying as the case may be) informs much of the action and leads to a surprising and disturbing ending. [2M, 2F; unit set]



Production HistorY

(a.k.a. 19 Angel Street, Stuck, and Anyplace But Here)



• Pulse Ensemble Theatre/Opal, NYC, workshop production (2001)


• Westchester Playwrights, Mamaroneck, NY, staged reading (2002)


• Innovative Stages, Bronxville, NY, staged reading (2005)


• Fleetwood Stage/The Foundry, New Rochelle, NY, workshop production – subscription  offering (2005)


• Emerging Arts Theatre, NYC, reading (2006)