By Joan Ross Sorkin




Ten one-act plays in which ordinary people take extraordinary risks to survive in their own environment. The plays comprise an evening of theatre, mounted with an ensemble of actors or individually in an evening of one-acts. [4M, 6F]


Sweating It Out (comedy)

Can a sexy broad from the Bronx and an over-the-hill Harvard man find love in a health club? Stationary bikes provide the “vehicle” for strangers meeting in Manhattan. [1M,1F]


At Home (drama)

Man’s territorial instincts are challenged when an bossy African-American woman invades the sidewalk spot that a mentally-challenged homeless white man calls home. Are shared secrets for survival enough to avert war? [1M, 1F]


Soft Whisper (drama)

A good playwright is a good storyteller. In this urban drama,  a playwright tries to persuade an A-level director, who happens to be his former lover, to read his latest play. What tales or truths will convince him? [2M]


Gratitude (drama)

What do Scarlett O’Hara, Marilyn Monroe, Waiting for Godot and electro-shock treatment have in common?  The recesses of the mind are explored when three female patients in a psychiatric ward clash over matters of identity, as their nurse tries to ease the pain from the real and imaginary demons that torment them. [4F]


The Confessional (drama)

In this coming-of-age story, a thirteen-year old tries to talk her mother out of a coma and slowly divulges her most personal secrets. In the process of confessing, a young girl grows up.  [1F]


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do* (comedy)

Jewish angst provides insights into young love when a neurotic twenty-something thinks his girlfriend has broken up with him because he is Jewish. [1M,1F]


Food for Thought* (drama)

Three American GI's trapped in a foxhole/four Jewish women imprisoned in a concentration camp. Facing the horrors of war, can fond memories of food sustain them? [3M, 4F]


Weigh Station-Closed (comedy)

A nerdy teenager and surly weigh station attendant butt heads when the nerd disturbs the attendant to have his vehicle weighed. The problem is the weigh station is closed, or is it? [2M]


Soup’s On! (comedy)

When a feisty old Irish woman has no one but her lovable naughty dog in whom to confide her memories of a lost love, it’s no wonder that a dog can be a woman’s best friend. [1F, 1M]


*also part of Jewish Time


Production HistorY



The Survival Collection (in its entirety) was produced by Fleetwood  Stage (Platform),

New Rochelle, NY (2001) and Kaleidoscope Productions at Intar 53, NYC (2001)


Sweating It Out was produced by Emerging Artists Theatre, NYC (2000)


Soft Whisper was produced by The Vortex Theatre, Albuquerque, NM  (1999)


The Confessional was produced by the Emerging Artists Theatre, NYC (2000/2002);

Greenville Community Theatre,  Scarsdale, NY, workshop (2002); PSB TV pilot (2000)


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do* was produced in The Samuel French Off-Broadway Play Festival (2002)


Food For Thought* was produced by Pulse Ensemble Theatre/Opal, NYC (2001)


Weigh Station-Closed was produced by Greenville Community Theatre,

Scarsdale, NY, workshop (2002)


Soup’s On! was produced by the Greenville Community Theatre (workshop),

Scarsdale, NY ( 2002); Runner up, Cincinnati Celtic World Festival (2004)